A Quarterly Art Magazine.
First issue due January 2021.


Our Mission:

To highlight Independent Artists without guidelines, allowing those individuals to have complete creative control. All artists & creators featured in each issue will have the opportunity to represent themselves and their work with no restraints.

Together Magazine is a Non-Profit project. After printing expenses, we will be donating ALL proceeds to charities & organizations that are in line with our values, in support of individuality and equality.

The goals of this collective are to support, develop, promote and inspire each other, to influence new artists, to evolve and flourish together, and most importantly, to provide relief to the disadvantaged and underprivilaged persons & communities around us.


We're Seeking Help:

We are currently looking for passionate, innovative individuals interested in building this endeavor into a worldwide platform. Primarily, we need assistance with web developement, marketing and social media. In addition to, we are seeking creative forward thinking journalists, photographers, storytellers, event coordinators and other contributors to organize and collaborate on content to be featured in-person, in-print & online. Reach out with your thoughts & ideas via email.


Together Magazine.
2935 21st Ave. Sacramento, California 95820 - USA
Published by Outlaw Press.
Printed by Nighted.